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pacificBecoming — realtime

Paséa Hotel Huntington Beach l R.D. Olson Development

pacificBecoming is an aesthetic contemplation of the ocean and the unseen forces at work that shape it, a reflection on its power and beauty, and a visual meditation on our relationship to it.

This 60' high media canvas is the signature element of the façade of the Paséa Hotel, a resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach California. The architectural scale integrated LED display runs 24/7 and transitions between data-driven content, generative animations and new technologies in aerial and 4K cinematography to create a dynamic representation of the ocean. An intelligent platform that links content to data and time of day creates a fusion of digital content, public space and nature in realtime.


Metropolis Towers Downtown Los Angeles — Greenland USA

ConvergenceLA is a media installation on the façade of the Residential Tower that fronts the main plaza of Metropolis in downtown Los Angeles. The canvas for the artwork is an integrated LED display, nearly 100 feet wide by 18 feet high. Using the latest advancements in new media technologies, Convergence creates an immersive visual experience fueled by the data streams of Los Angeles - Metro routes, tectonics, weather and ocean data, astronomy, demographics, social media and news posts - all captured and displayed in realtime. This data provides the framework for a new way of storytelling that weaves together live content with narrative video, aerial photography, data sculptures and generative art to create an ever changing artwork that reveals the ongoing life of the city. Like the city itself, the artwork evolves and learns. It is intelligent.

Convergence can also be explored and experienced virtually by engaging with the virtual environment with a mobile device or on a PC.


Palo Alto City Hall — City of Palo Alto

Conversation is an interactive media arts installation in the lobby of Palo Alto City Hall. It imagines an environment where individual thoughts are given form and the means to respond and evolve within a stream of live content. The custom interface scans and posts social media and news feeds providing the catalyst for an ongoing community discussion unfolding in real time. From the touchscreen display within the lobby, one can add comments and upload images to an array of 10 high-resolution displays while at City Hall. An app for mobile devices allows participation from anywhere. All of the elements are mapped to complex behaviors allowing for a continually evolving artwork, uncensored, alive, never the same.

The graphic language and user interface were developed to be welcoming, even playful, to invite public participation. The brain of the interactive environment relies on realtime graphics created with C++ and Touchdesigner to manage the various threads of streaming content and ensure ease of use and effective visuals that continually change and evolve in realtime.


Night on Broadway Festival 2017
Historic Broadway Theater District, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance: 60,000

Night Stream is a sound data projection mapping installation driven by real time data gathered directly from the Night on Broadway Festival as it unfolded.

Microphones installed along the main festival route picked up live sound from the passing crowds. This sound was then transmitted through a server to multiple laptops with proprietary software that translated the real time data into animated visuals in response to the sound levels of the crowd.

These dynamic visuals were projected onto a towering 37’ x 46’ surface over Broadway via two 10k lumen stacked projectors.

In Night Stream, the 60,000 festival attendees became both creator and audience.

La Raza Interactive Archive

Susan Narduli and Narduli Studio created a multi sensory digital interactive experience for the historical La Raza archive of 25,000 images as part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, an event celebrating Latin American art in over 70 museums and galleries in Los Angeles and Southern California from September 2017 through early 2018.

Narduli and her team designed an interactive environment containing four unique experiences that act as portals to navigate through the images. Metaphorically, the UI is a tour guide for time travel through the digital interactive ecosystem. The four experiences include:

FLIGHT: A fly through of the entire archive to experience its breadth and magnitude.

TIMELINE: Examination of archive by date categories and associated connections.

SPECTRUM: Quantitative Analysis of archive through metadata.

DEEP DIVE: Exploration of archive and connections in neural network navigational structure.

In creating the La Raza interactive experience, Narduli not only had to imagine a way of visualizing big data but also a means to develop a practical system for navigation and research. She saw this as an opportunity to bring to life a powerful and relevant body of work by revealing the invisible layers of data and creating an explorable ecosystem that opens the entire scope of the archive and its magnitude of possible connections for any user.

The La Raza archive and Narduli’s multi sensory interactive design places the viewer within the broader context of the Chicano Movement during this moment in history and brings an understanding of its relevance to personal expression, politics and culture.

The La Raza archive includes photos published in the La Raza newspaper from 1967-1977. UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center scanned and cataloged the entire collection of negatives documenting LA’s Chicano movement during those years. These historic images are now accessible to the public, to photographers and to researchers for the first time in almost 50 years.

Interactive Streetscape: Night on Broadway Festival 2018

PORTAL is a window into an alternative reality located along the main festival route of Night on Broadway 2018. It is a stand-alone artwork when in the passive mode, but as soon as a viewer approaches, it becomes a fusion of real and imaginary images, activated by and viewed through the lens of the passersby.

Embedded cameras capture the festival attendees as they pass by. Custom software layers this realtime feed with HD generative animations. The resulting fusion of imagery is projected onto the 20’ by 10’ screen creating an interactive and immersive digital canvas. The large projection surface invites the festival attendees to explore and play with the artwork. Glimpses of their activity are captured within a time delay sequence creating a Portal into an alternative really - a fracturing of time and space the momentarily displaces the streetscape reality.

Object Permanence
Marriott Hotel Santa Monica

Object Permanence is a visual narrative of the legendary westward journey along Route 66 to the California Coast. The artwork is sited in the lobby of the new Marriott Hotel along Route 66 in downtown Santa Monica. It juxtaposes video shot along the historic route with data-driven animations tied to the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean where Route 66, the Highway of Dreams, meets the coast at the Santa Monica Pier just blocks away.

Realtime oceanographic data informs the rhythms and colors of the piece as its custom platform creates an ever-changing fusion of nature, culture and abstraction. Data driven animations are tied to the tide levels, wave height, currents, temperature and turbulence of the Pacific Ocean just a few blocks from the hotel.






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Dawn Garcia is an award winning music video, commercial and feature film director and writer. Her first short film, “The Castle”, premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival and her UCLA thesis film, “PALS” about artificial intelligence, won a coveted UCLA Director's Spotlight Award and the Motion Picture Association Of America Grant Award. She has also garnered critical acclaim for her commercial and music video work, collaborating with Amazon, the Hammer Museum/, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (MOCAtv), and the bands, TV On The Radio and Destroyer. Her music video “Kaputt” received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone and Spin magazines, earning millions of hits on YouTube and Vimeo, and was listed as one of the best videos of the decade by Pitchfork.

As a writer, Dawn has several screenplays in development including a feature length version of “PALS” and a psychedelic horror film about the occult entitled “The Fool”. Dawn is also currently in development on her first TV series, “Pleasure Island”, in collaboration with Big Talk Productions and actress Julie Dray of BBC's Crashing.

Dawn is also the founder of SPACEOUT Productions, a content development house specializing in science fiction, journalism, and narrative as a means for education. In partnership with Cheeky Films, Dawn is developing a VR experience for the National Science Foundation titled “Spacewaves” to educate the public about gravitational waves, a phenomenon predicted by Einstein in 1915 and discovered by US science observatory LIGO in 2015.





Brian McAllister is a director and Emmy-nominated television editor. He directed and produced the 13 episode documentary series “Jacked” on A&E as well as “Dangerous Drives” on the Speed network, and has directed and produced in South Africa, China, Australia, France, Mexico & the US. As a filmmaker, Brian directed “The Man at the Counter” (Best Film- Cluj International Short Film Festival; Jury Prize- Woods Hole Film Festival; Staff Pick & Short of the Week- Vimeo) which was distributed by Hulu, and “Patti and Me, Minus Patti” which premiered at Outfest Film Festival presented by HBO and was distributed by DIRECTV. Brian was featured in the SHOOT New Directors Showcase at the Director's Guild of America in New York City.

Brian also lead edited National Geographic's highest rated series “Brain Games” as well as History Channel's mini-series-event “The World Wars” starring Jeremy Renner, both nominated for Primetime Emmy awards. He has over 30 additional editing credits for TV including shows on CBS, A&E, OWN, Fuse, Discovery, Biography, Speed, and WEtv. He edited the feature films “Walk Away Renee” which premiered in a special presentation at the Cannes Film Festival Critic's Week and was distributed by Sundance Selects & IFC Films, and “Killer Legends” which was #1 on iTunes documentary rentals and distributed through NBC/Universal.



Susan Narduli is an internationally acclaimed media artist and licensed architect whose portfolio includes immersive media installations, experience design, light and sound installations, architectural scale media façades, projection mapping, virtual environments and interactive installations. Her breathtaking designs are realized on large screen canvases displaying a kaleidoscope of light and imagery derived from the integration of virtual and physical reality positioning narrative, real-time data, generative art and interactive media within a single environment.

Susan owns and helms award winning Narduli Studio, a creative design firm whose in-house team includes designers and conceptual artists from the fields of visual and media arts, architecture, landscape and urban design. Under her leadership, Narduli Studio has exhibited and published nationally and internationally at such prestigious collections and installations as Sonsbeek International, Arnhem, Netherlands; Sexual Politics, Armand Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Hic et Nunc: Blasted Landscapes, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy; A New Spirit: Art & Architecture of Southern California, Kultur Ban Hoff, Kassel, Germany and Moderne Arkitektur I Los Angeles, Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Awards include:

Americans for the Arts

2017 Public Art Network Year in Review
“Conversation” | Palo Alto City Hall

CODAawards 2016 Merit Award

“Conversation” | Palo Alto City Hall

CODA Video Awards 2016 Top 100

“Conversation” | Palo Alto City Hall

CODA Video Awards 2015 Top 100

“Timekeeper” | Pasadena CA

CODAawards 2015 Top 100

Passage of Remembrance | San Francisco Civic Center

Americans for the Arts

Best Public Art of 2011: “Land & Time” | Natural History Museum of Utah

Americans for the Arts

Best Public Art of 2009: “Weaving” | Cal State University Fresno

International Design Award

1st Place | Studio 1452 | 1st place Graphics and 1st place Interior Design

AIA Award of Excellence

Columbarium & Garden | All Faiths Chapel | Chapman University

AIA Award in Urban Design & Planning

Metlox Public Plazas | Manhattan Beach CA

AIA Next LA Award

333 Venice Way Multi-Flex | Venice CA

AIA Honor Award

Cal Arts Redesign | California Institute of the Arts | Valencia CA

Deans Award

UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning | Los Angeles CA

Prior to forming Narduli Studio Susan was a Project Designer in the offices of Frank Gehry. She is based in Los Angeles.



Beatrice is a video director whose multimedia work has taken her from LA to Chicago, Broadway to Nairobi, Kenya and New York City. From documentary to commercial, Beatrice has been storytelling since she received her first mini DV camcorder at age 11.

She currently directs branded video for Refinery29 where she has created content for brands including Adidas, Amazon, Facebook, Muscle Milk, and Tinder. She is also the creator and host of a hit show on Refinery29's Youtube channel about DIY home improvement.

Beatrice has written and directed several short films including Light-Hearted, a visual poem about love and light that won first place at the Symbiosis Film Festival sponsored by the Tribeca Film Fund, Erstwhile, a glance at the intimate lives of sisters (Cannes Short Film Corner, Kickstarter Staff Pick) and Evergreen, the story of a girl who tries to preserve her childhood by building an elaborate city of tree forts in her backyard.

When she's not working, Beatrice spends her time watching movies, eating black licorice and dreaming about the comeback of the RMS Titanic.



Zen Sekizawa is a director, photographer and artist living and working in her hometown Los Angeles, CA. She is a second generation Angeleno, fourth generation Japanese American, a lover of rap and cats. Her childhood was spent at The Atomic Cafe, a Los Angeles punk rock institution, owned and and operated by her family in Little Tokyo.

Since earning her BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, Zen has developed an extensive roster of clients including Apple, AT&T, Jimmy Choo, Ebay, Google, HP, Netflix, Samsung, Sephora, T-mobile, Moon Juice and LD Tuttle.

In 2014 Hesse Press released Zen's first book, You and I See Why, a collection of images contemplating the fleeting nature of memory and the inevitable loss of context that occurs when revisiting old ideas. You and I See Why features Los Angeles memorabilia, such as Zen's junior high yearbook pages, images of the L.A. uprising and childhood snapshots from her family’s famous Little Tokyo restaurant, The Atomic Café.

Recent and ongoing collaborations span various disciplines with artists such as Mario Correa, musician Angus Andrew of Liars, shoe designer Tiffany Tuttle of LD Tuttle and Niki Nakayama of n/naka Restaurant.



Undine Markus is a London-based filmmaker dabbling in writing and photography. She has previously lived in Hong Kong and Latvia and specialises in music-related content, from portraitures to music videos and documentaries. She has previously assisted directors on Cannes- and Sundance-nominated features. Her work has been featured on platforms such as i-D, Fader, Pigeons & Planes, Complex, Office Magazine, and more.



Verluxe is a female-owned content agency that was established in Chicago in 2013. They experienced an initial breakthrough in the Chicago music video scene and have since expanded into commercial work as well. The Verluxe portfolio includes artists like Chance the Rapper, ScHoolboy Q, Common, Twista, Vic Mensa and more as well as brands like Nike, Jordan, Virgin Hotels and Sprayground. They have grown a cult following of culture creeps in their hometown and are now taking on Los Angeles.